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We believe kids have the power

A picture of various screenshots of the Endless OS including the desktop

Endless OS


​Comes preloaded with over 100 apps (Hack included) and essential tools that can be accessed even without an internet connection.

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Hack on Linux



Hack is available on Flathub as three separate apps. Install the apps, then kids are ready to play Hack offline.

Hack Laptop is the 2019 Parents Best Laptop and Parents' Choice Gold Award winner.

Hack Laptop

(Currently unavailable.)


The only laptop that allows kids ages 10+ to learn to code by hacking their own device.


Learning Pathways


Hack lets kids explore basic coding concepts and computational thinking as they journey down learning pathways including Art, Games, Makers, the Operating System, and Web. Reinforce your learning by building real-world projects and sharing them with our Hacker fellowship. Take control of your learning experience today.


Everything is hackable


Learn to hack your apps, games and operating system. Discover a world in which you are the hero and the stakes are higher than you know.

An everyday PC


Comes with everything families need for everyday use, like Chrome, Office Suite, Scratch, Blender, Spotify, Steam, Skype, in a safe environment with parental controls. (The Hack laptop is currently unavailable.)

A list of apps a Hack use can dowload: Chrome, Calculator, Office Suite, Spotify, Krita, Blender,, Scratch, Stem, and more.
Hack's interpretaion of a computer's operating system.

The real deal


Hack uses the full Linux-based Endless operating system, including the real tools of engineers and designers.

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