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About Us

Matt Dalio speaking interviewing a Hack apprentice

We’re teaching a mindset.


With Hack we’re committed to cultivating digital literacy to empower the next generation with creative problem-solving skills that can be universally applied. Success for us includes more than just equipping kids with some key skills. Rather, we aim to provide a dynamic foundation for the next generation of thinkers. As kids progress through Hack, they cultivate their curiosity about how the world works.

Hacking for good


Rigged elections and cybersecurity breaches are what we often associate with the term ‘hack’, however, the concept has a long history of doing good in the world.


We’ve embraced this powerful and controversial term because its genesis in creative problem-solving and empowerment over technology is precisely what we hope to nurture. Learn more on our blog.

A girl sitting in front of a laptop.
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The whole world, empowered


Hack is powered by Endless, a company founded in 2010 with the mission of enabling people to harness the power of computing. We created the Endless Operating System - a free and robust computing solution - so people everywhere have access to relevant information and technology even without an internet connection. The Endless OS is now on more than 3 million computers in 60 countries worldwide.

Learn more about the Endless OS Foundation and its work here.

Made with Love


We’re a global team of designers, researchers, parents, problem-solvers, gamers, educators and technologists who are passionate about learning and sparking curiosity. We built Hack to help the next generation of thinkers develop the skills necessary to engage consciously with the world and to create new opportunities for themselves and others.

Techbridge Girls playing with a Hack computer
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