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“When your kid (8+) needs a laptop you mostly want one that is robust and affordable. The Hack meets both criteria but goes further, giving kids the amazing ability to easily enter the backend of the computer and recode a page’s appearance

The technology is made kid-friendly, so, for instance, a sliding bar will make images bigger or smaller. But if your child shows real curiosity for how it all works, it’s also possible for her to see and learn the real JavaScript.”

“There are plenty of toys that purport to teach younger children to code with markers, cubes or blocks. But the Hack computer is aimed at entertaining and educating the older and more sophisticated tween set.”


“We love the idea of Hack. A lot of modern children become passive consumers of technology rather than learning how it works. Hack encourages kids to get inside their computer and take control.”

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Interested in Coding & the Importance of STEM

With Women's History Month in full-swing, these women entrepreneurs share their hopes and dreams for fellow women business owners of the future.

“Hack Laptop Brings Linux to Desktop for Everyone Learning to Code.”


“Saying learning through gaming will be the biggest disruption might be overstating it a bit. But with the pre-teen obsession with gaming at an all-time high, it will definitely be an important vehicle for learning not only in America but worldwide.

A Great Introduction to Code! 

“Instead of abstracting the process of coding with a drag-and-drop editor or something like that, Hack puts kids into a text editor. This gives them a more realistic view of what coding is like and gets them started the right way. There’s no use in having them learn to code via one interface and then have to learn it all again later on.”

“Scientific and technological innovation are cornerstones of our global economic system. 

STEM is vital in manufacturing, health care, food production—virtually any industry has a STEM component. As parents, it is our job to encourage our children’s interest in STEM education.”

“The reality is technology is going to evolve at lightning speed in the future, but the set of skills a child develops from learning to code will be there for a lifetime. Children develop creativity by experimenting and making mistakes. They learn through coding education that there is more than one way to do something.” 

Hack wins the Parents’ Choice GOLD Award!

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