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January Hack Release Notes

Hack Release Notes

It’s 2020 and we’re kicking off the new year with Hack's January Release! Let us know what you think on social media with #MadeToHack!

The following content has been added after installing the latest update:

Games Pathway (Ada)

Sidetrack #2 - Enter the Code: Riley continues presenting her game project, and introduces the "Flip To Hack" system that lets you delve into the code and change as the game runs! Debug that pesky broken instruction in Level 23, and push ahead into new territory!

Whitehouse: A new game from Endless Studio. Using the magic of CSS, hack your world into a unique burst of color and light revealing hidden objects and clues.

Art Pathway (Estelle)

LMMS - Learning to make music, beats, and sounds: In this all-new suite of activities, we're introducing LMMS - a fully-featured, free, open-source digital audio workbench! It's used by both professionals and hobbyists, and it's your gateway into creating music and sounds with Hack! After you've mastered the basics, Estelle even walks you through making some retro sound effects that you might use in a game someday…

Web Pathway (Riley)

DOMinating the Web!: Riley and the Daemons have a new Web activity for you to try, and it's all about dominating the webpages you make and visit! Learn how to use the DOM tree to think about how webpages are constructed, and see how you can use that layout to cleverly select and change specific parts of the webpage, like in the Inspector.

Maker Pathway (Faber)

Make your own Happiness: Sometimes, doing something to help someone else can make you feel just fantastic. In this new activity, learn some strategies for making a positive impact on someone close to you.

Operating System Pathway (Saniel)

Building Your Own Adventure: Saniel's got a new activity for you - It's time to make a little adventure game, using nothing but the filesystem of your computer! The best part about it is that when you're done, you can pass it to a friend or parent, and they can play it too!

Other Improvements and Changes

Improved introduction to Hack: We heard your feedback! Pointing the mouse at the Hack icon on the desktop now displays a description of Hack.

The unlock puzzle has been removed from the on-boarding experience. When clicking on the pinned app icon on the Desktop the main view of the Clubhouse will now be shown immediately and the quick-start quest will be started.

Dialogues should not be over areas of interest: The quest dialogues contain a button that allows to move the dialogue vertically. This is helpful if the dialogue is over an area you want to engage with. The button is placed at the top in the middle of the dialogue and is revealed when hovering over the dialogue widget.

Counter for Hack News: An indicator has been added to the Hack News button to provide information to the user that there are new posts available.

Add badge to new Activity cards: New activity cards that have been added with an update are labeled with a “New” badge on the right top corner of the card.

Quest launch flow: We followed up on feedback from our users regarding the quest flow. We had a dialogue that checked if a user intentionally started a quest of higher difficulty if there are simpler ones available. We would like our users to be able to freely explore and be encouraged to take on difficult tasks.

Various bug fixes

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