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Hack is now fully open source!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

With the move of Hack to Endless OS Foundation earlier this year, we are very happy to announce that Hack is now fully open source. All of the components have been released under an open source license.

We're working on making Hack available on other platforms via Flathub so that we can co-operate with other great learning experiences and reach more families. Components are now available on GitHub; here are the individual links: 

  • The Hack Clubhouse, the place to start your Hack journeys and meet your heroes.

  • The Hacking apps, which includes the System app, Sidetrack and some other so called toy apps.

  • The Sound server to play back sounds in quests, the Clubhouse and Hack applications.

  • The Hacking toolbox which provides tools to modify the apps.

  • The Game State service which keeps track of your progress in quests.

  • The GNOME Shell Hack extension which adds functionality like Flip To Hack to the GNOME Shell.

  • Clippy, a library to expose Gtk applications internals for scripting engines to implement interactive lessons in real time in the apps themself. 

We hope you continue to enjoy Hack, and are excited to see where the open source community takes the Hack experience and heroes!

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