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Techbridge Girls at HACK HQ

On the verge of releasing the next episode of Hack and in celebration of International Women’s Day we invited our friends from Techbridge Girls to our office to help us test it out. Techbridge Girls (TBG) is a 501c3 nonprofit that designs and delivers the best-in-class STEM programs to K-12 girls from under-resourced communities. So what better way to QC our new season than with the engineers, designers and tech CEOs of tomorrow?

Having played with pre-release episode one back in December, most of the TBG crew came prepared with a bunch of questions and insights for the Hack design team. Full disclosure: the feedback TBG provided on episode one was critical in our development process.

The last time we met, the group was very curious about how a game even gets made in the first place, so the Hack team prepared an introduction into game-building from ideation to storyboarding to wireframes to coding to where we are today: testing and QC.

Next up, the fun part: playing episode two.

The laptops opened and the volume dropped as the girls, working in groups of two, became laser-focused on figuring out these new challenges.

And then it started, “Unicorns!” “Make it bigger!” “Did I just break it?….oh wait, it’s supposed to do that!”

After everyone got a chance to play, we gathered around for some questions, answers and, of course, pizza. The TBG crew continued to hang out in the office after lunch for mini-mentor sessions with the Hack team. These conversations gave the girls a look into what a future in coding, design, computer science, writing, and even entrepreneurship could be like.

To find out more about Techbridge Girls check out their website here, or read our post about our session with them in December here.

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