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STEAM Projects for your Kids

Are you looking for some fun and productive projects your kids could tackle over the weekend? Here are a few fun ideas that will keep the kids happy and busy, while also helping them learn some practical life-lessons.

Start a Garden:  

Getting outside and getting your hands dirty is an excellent way to spend some summer hours while also learning about the natural world. Starting a garden doesn’t have to be super complicated or take up a ton of space in fact here are a few awesome gardening hacks that you can use to quickly help your kid get their hands dirty.

  1. Growable Seed Pods - These small plantable cones provide the perfect growing environment for your seed, making it super easy to just set it, water it and forget it.

  2. If you don’t have enough room for a planter box, try using an old milk jug. You can even paint it to look like a bunny or a cat (check out the video):

Learn to Code:

Obviously, we’re partial to this idea, but summer break really is the perfect opportunity to let your kids explore their coding abilities. Hack makes learning to code fun with an immersive experience that inspires them to hack their way through a series of challenges. Find out more about Hack, here.

Build a Human-Powered Vehicle:

Building a human-powered vehicle is an excellent, hands-on way to learn engineering and physics. These projects can be as simple as taping a cardboard box to a skateboard or as complex as developing a pedal-powered car.

If you want to take it a few steps further, get the neighborhood or some friends involved and organize a race.  

Build a Newspaper Fort:

This idea comes from the blog Modern Parents Messy Kids. They came up with a really creative way to build forts by rolling up leftover newspapers and using them as the foundation for your kid's structure. Check out the rest of their awesome ideas here.

Do you have an awesome summertime project for your kids that we missed? Did you try one of these? We want to see! Post about it to Instagram and tag us @madetohack or #madetohack and we’ll repost it!

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