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December Hack Release Notes

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Today, we proudly announce Hack's December Release! We hope you like it - let us know what you think on social media with #MadeToHack!

The following content has been added:

Midnightmare Teddy: Banish the nightmares from your bedroom, armed only with your trusty equation rifle and the knowledge of mathematics!

Monster Smoothie, Parts 1-7: In this 7-part quest, you'll learn how to create your very own complete Blender scene, including a spooky monster, a crazy old man, lighting effects, atmosphere, and more! Part 7 lets you dig into the actual files used to create the tutorial to see exactly how it was done.

Introduction to Processing, Parts 1-4: Begin your journey into the world of Processing, a lightweight, art-focused programming language. In these quests, you'll learn how to draw shapes, use the mouse to move them, and even create a simple painter.

The Inspector, Parts 1 and 2: Let Ada introduce you to a hidden feature in every web browser - the Inspector. Pick apart and hack any webpage on the internet and learn how it's all put together!

Make A Poster: Use you knowledge of CSS and HTML to make your very own holiday poster - then transform it into whatever you want...

Tension and Compression: Learn about the principles of tension and compression, and why a well-designed building would actually work just as well suspended in the sky!

The Wobblin' Shell-Bash: Saniel's got a challenge for you - Through the basics of shell-scripting, learn to control the impressive "Wobbly Windows" feature.

Sidetrack 1 - Robots and Pits: Place instructions in the correct order to help Riley get through the maze! You’ll need to think carefully and plan out your moves, because when Felix arrives, things just get more complex...

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