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Can You Draw Dr. Rowe’s Cats?

At Hack, we like to encourage people to have a different relationship with technology. Instead of making all of the decisions about your computer for you, we like to open things up for people to tinker with and participate in.

In this spirit, we are inviting you to help us design some really important characters within the Hack computer. Sounds cool, right?

Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Saniel Rowe is an archivist at the Hack academy and he has been there for as long as time itself. While you’re exploring and playing with Hack, Dr. Rowe will occasionally help you out.

Over the years he has collected many (many) pet cats, and we’d like you to help us draw and name some of them.

Here are the guidelines for drawing your cat:

1) The cats are all black and white. 2) The cats are all pretty small (400x400 pixels) so simple designs will be more likely to work out. 3) Your cat must have a name.

Here are some examples of cats we’ve drawn:

How to submit your drawing:

1) Get out your black pen, pencil or stylus and draw your cat. 2) Take a picture. 3) Share your picture to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tag us (@madetohack) and use the hashtag #madetohack (make sure the post is public so that we can see it).

If your drawing is selected for the game, we’ll contact you with further instructions. All submissions must be posted by 12/20 for consideration.

Good luck and have fun!

- The Hack Team

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